How do we arrange a wedding at St. Paul’s?

Weddings are beautiful at St. Paul’s. Our traditional church, light streaming in through stained glass windows and a historic pipe organ set the scene for one of life’s most memorable events.
For information about how to plan a wedding, please call the church office at 916-446-2620 and leave a message. Our wedding coordinator will return your call.


How do we arrange a baptism at St. Paul’s?

Infants, as well as people of all ages may be baptized at St. Paul’s.

For information, please call our church office at 916-446-2620. Our priest will return your call.

Memorial Services and Funerals

 We at St. Paul’s are ready to support you and your family in time of death. Our service is a celebration of life, giving hope in time of loss. Arrangements are planned with our clergy. Please call 916-446-2620 if there is a pending death in your family. If this is urgent, call 916-214-0382, for emergency pastoral care. 

Special Events at St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s is available for celebrations, special events and neighborhood gatherings with the approval of the clergy. Concerts, recitals, arts programs, 12-step groups and non-profit organizations are welcome to inquire about using our convenient, downtown facilities. Call 916-446-2620 for information. Please leave a message with your request and phone number for a quick reply.